Why NetApp should be top of your next storage purchase short-list

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Storing and protecting ever growing quantities of data is key to most organisations, but traditionally they have deployed SAN storage solutions with a limited range of data management capabilities. What if you could deploy a platform that had all of the following features:

  • SAN (including NVMe), NAS and S3 protocol support
  • Integration with all major hypervisors, operating systems, applications and cloud platforms
  • Support for millions of IOPS, ultra-low latency, QoS, multi-PB capacity and hundreds of billions of files
  • Business continuity, disaster recovery, backup and recovery, and snapshots
  • Connecting on-premises data with the cloud for data mobility, tiering of cold data and backup to S3 storage
  • Storage efficiencies such as compression and de-duplication
  • WORM policies, secure purge, secure system partitioning, and data at rest and in-flight encryption
  • Caching of data to bring it closer to the user for faster throughput and simpler management
  • All-flash solutions when a low cost per IO is required
  • Hybrid-flash solution when a low cost per TB is required
  • Easy upgrade to the latest release, even for systems many years old, to gain access to new innovations
  • The ability to scale from a small site all the way to the largest enterprise
  • Simple deployment, monitoring and management

How does your current storage platform stack-up? If you are not running an up to date version of NetApp ONTAP then the answer will almost certainly be not very well. NetApp ONTAP 9.8 is the world’s leading storage software, unrivalled in the industry as nothing else comes even close. as it allows you to manage and protect your data anywhere without compromise – in the data centre, at the edge or in the cloud.

An ONTAP based solution should therefore be your top choice when the time comes to consider a new on-premises or cloud storage purchase.

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