Join us for lunch at Pinewood Studios

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NetApp is the leading supplier of hybrid cloud solutions and no matter where your data resides, 100% on-premises, 100% in the cloud or anywhere in-between, by using their technology we can help you build a better, cloud optimised and more cost-effective data strategy than you ever thought possible.

If you’re in the market for all-flash storage, you need to improve your backups or you’re looking to leverage the cloud to build a better data strategy, we’d love to invite you along for lunch in the Pinewood restaurant, located in the idyllic studio gardens.

We’ll discuss your requirements in-depth and explore the benefits of NetApp and their key data protection partner’s broad range of hybrid cloud solutions – you can learn more about the technology here.

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For movie fans Pinewood is a truly unique place to visit and you will also get the opportunity to discover more about the studio’s iconic history, to learn more check out our Bonding over Lunch at the Home of 007 and “Carrying On” at Pinewood blogs

NetApp provides the most efficient, flexible & feature rich solution for your data, that can support all modern workloads on a single scalable platform, with hardware, software-defined & cloud deployment options