If you think you can’t afford an all-flash array then take a look at the NetApp AFF C190

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The hard drive is dead, long live the solid state drive – well this statement is not quite true, as for archive and backup targets high capacity spinning drives are almost certainly the better solution, at least for the time being, but we really are reaching the point whereby for most other use cases all-flash storage has got to be the way to go due to its superior performance, density, power efficiency and simplicity.

The only reason to not go all-flash is the cost, so NetApp have introduced a value focused solution that allows even the most cost focused organisations to reap the considerable benefits of an all-flash array.

The key strength of the NetApp FAS and AFF platforms is that they all run NetApp’s ONTAP data management software, the world’s leading storage operating system, which results in an almost identical feature set across the platforms, no matter their hardware capabilities or price point.

All platforms have a rich set of supported protocols and storage efficiency, data protection, disaster recovery, security and cloud integration features, along with simple management, and world-class availability and support.

Introducing the AFF C190

The AFF C190 is the perfect solution for organisations that are looking for their first all-flash array or need a modern storage solution for their smaller remote offices. The C190 is optimised for flash and delivers 10 times faster application response than hybrid arrays.

It comes as a single 2U unit that supports 8, 12, 18 or 24 SSDs, with easy expansion, providing a minimum of 12.7 TBs and a maximum of 50.5 TB effective capacity (based on a 3:1 capacity saving). If even more capacity is required the solution can easily be scaled-out to a maximum of 12 arrays (either using additional C190s or any FAS or AFF array).

Watch our video for a more detailed overview

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