Beyond ONTAP what other storage solutions does NetApp have?

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NetApp was historically best known for its ONTAP storage operating system and in recent years a strong focus on Cloud Services, but they have several other very important storage solutions as follows:

E-Series simple SAN storage

E-Series cannot compete with ONTAP based solutions when it comes to data services, but if you have a requirement for fast, simple and reliable SAN storage then it’s very hard to beat at its price point – highlights include:

  • FC, iSCSI, NVMe and InfiniBand connectivity
  • Dynamic Disk Pools enable a pool to be expanded by a single drive and rapid re-builds
  • All-Flash models capable of millions of IOPS at just a few 100 microseconds of latency
  • Hybrid-Flash models provide a low cost per TB at a high throughput (MB/s)
  • Petabyte scale
  • 99.9999%+ reliability

Typical use cases for E-Series include Video Surveillance, High Performance Computing, Analytics and Backup and Recovery.

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StorageGRID enterprise-grade object storage

ONTAP 9.8 now includes support for the S3 protocol, but this is designed for relatively small and basic object storage requirements, if you are looking for a fully featured solution, that can manage unstructured data at scale, then NetApp would recommend StorageGRID – highlights include:

  • Scalable architecture with up to 16 sites, 560 PB capacity and 200 billion objects
  • Mix and match software-defined and appliances for maximum flexibility
  • Layer 7 load balancer, purpose-built for StorageGRID, included
  • ILM automatically places data to the selected media, data centre and/or protection scheme
  • Geo-redundant and multi-site with S3, Swift, NFS and SMB protocol access
  • Achieve 15 9’s durability with appliances leveraging layered Erasure Coding
  • Cloud tiering, mirroring, and AWS notification and search

Typical use cases for StorageGRID include Enterprise Backup, Archive / Storage Management, Enterprise Content Management, Media Asset Management, Healthcare and Life Sciences, File Gateway / Sync and Share, High Performance Computing, Geo Seismic Archive and Analytics.

Watch our video for a more detailed overview

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