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007 reasons why you should join our experts for lunch at Pinewood Studios

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Do you have a requirement for any of the following IT solutions?

  • buy accutane online fast delivery Storage: All-flash, Scale-out, VMware, Cloud, iSCSI, FC, NVMe, SMB, NFS or S3
  • buy Seroquel without a perscription Backup: Software, Appliance, Disk-target, Cloud-target or As a Service
  • Garmisch-Partenkirchen Replication: Asynchronous, Synchronous or Active/Active
  • Ransomware: Data loss and downtime minimisation
  • Collaboration: Global cloud-based file sharing
  • Wi-Fi: Cloud, Controller or Controller-less managed
  • Monitoring: Insider threats, Sensitive data, Compliance, and Infrastructure & Application stacks

If you do we’d love to invite you along to the world famous Pinewood Studios, where over lunch you can discuss your requirements with our experts.

007 reasons why you should attend:

001. Discover the benefits of next generation all-flash storage

Don’t limit yourself to a solution that only has basic features and is focused on “legacy” SAN LUNs, instead see how to take advantage of a platform that can manage and protect your data using state-of-the-art features and proven efficiency technologies.

002. Learn how to more effectively take advantage of the cloud

Whether you are all in on the cloud or just starting out, see how to tier your data to the cloud, backup to the cloud, replicate to the cloud, globally share files in the cloud and lower the cost of cloud storage.

003. Discover how to take backup and recovery to the next level

See how to perform rapid backups, reduce the time to recover huge amounts of data to seconds (very useful in the event of a ransomware attack) and eliminate tape with integrated replication to cloud storage.

004. Learn how to simplify your on-premises and cloud storage

No longer do you need to increase costs by using multiple storage systems, instead see how to consolidate everything onto a single platform that can support any workload, has the broadest feature set within the industry, and can start small and scale big.

005. Discover how to better protect your data, no mater where it resides

Whether you are considering a software or appliance based backup solution, or you are ready to move to Backup as a Service, see how you no longer need to compromise when it comes to features, performance, reliability, workload support, ease of use and cost.

006. Learn how to deliver the Wi-Fi experience your users need

Wi-Fi 6 is a game changer, but new 802.11ax Access Points are not enough, instead see how you can deploy a solution that optimises coverage, reliability, performance and density, simplifies the on-boarding process and is flexible and easy to manage.

007. Learn about the history of the iconic studios – home to Bond since 1962

Have lunch in the Pinewood gardens, seen on-screen in “From Russia with Love”, “Goldfinger” and “The Word Is Not Enough” and learn about the filming of the series at the studios, including the most recent film, “No Time To Die”.

To learn more check out our Bonding over Lunch at the Home of 007 – Pinewood Studios and Bonding over Lunch at the Home of 007 – Part 2 blogs.

Main Entrance of Pinewood Studios
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